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Get Back To Work And Make It Happen

Right now, somewhere in the world, a child is being born into an uberly rich family. That child will grow up to inherit millions for absolutely no work. He’ll live the good life full of yachts and private jets.

Right now, somewhere in the world, there is a party happening full of gorgeous wealthy people who need not lift a finger to attain the luxuries that they have. Their success is only a matter of genetics and luck.

Right now, somewhere in the world, is an investment banker who is making literally millions after clicking a few buttons and making a few phone calls to a few friends. He knows the right people and is in the right place, and that’s all that matters.

Right now, somewhere in the world, is a 20-some year old guy who is worth billions because of a website he started. He was born into a family that sent him to the right high school. He then went on to one of the best universities in the country, built his website, moved, met the right people, and raised $500+ million in funding. He and likely generations down the line are set for life.

Right now, somewhere in the world, is a 17yr old teenager who started a company with some money from his parents, built a product, with help from friends and family, and got acquired for $30 million.

There’s always someone becoming richer than you for much less work, every second of the day. Look past that and just keep working. I get down about how unfair that is from time to time, but there’s nothing you can really do about it, other than focus on your work.

30 Day Challenge 1 Results – The Lunchtime Walk

OK, it’s a bit of a swizz as the full 30 days aren’t yet up but with May now upon us a new challenge is looming.

So, how did it go?

Pretty well. I used the RunKeeper app to track my walks (distance, pace etc.). The odd occasion where I was unable to get a GPS signal I was able to login to RunKeeper and plot my route on a map. Each day I would generally use the same route with variations, averaging 1.3 miles in 20 minutes or so. Interestingly despite the UK’s reputation for weather – even in April – rain did not stop play. There was just one day where I didn’t get a “lunchtime walk” in owing to meeting schedules but the process has lead to me being more concious about being active in general and what I eat.

What are the numbers?

From the 8th to 30th April:

Distance: 28.6 miles

Calories: 2900

Not huge numbers if you’re a gym bunny, but I’m pleased with the above. Not is it easily incorporated into my life,  it didn’t eat into my day like a pre/post work workout would, but I walked 28.6 miles that I otherwise wouldn’t have, explored Harpenden more than I knew before and topped up my vitamin D in the sun!

What’s next?

I intend to keep the walks up and incorporate them into Challenge 2…

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