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30 Day Challenge 1 Results – The Lunchtime Walk

OK, it’s a bit of a swizz as the full 30 days aren’t yet up but with May now upon us a new challenge is looming.

So, how did it go?

Pretty well. I used the RunKeeper app to track my walks (distance, pace etc.). The odd occasion where I was unable to get a GPS signal I was able to login to RunKeeper and plot my route on a map. Each day I would generally use the same route with variations, averaging 1.3 miles in 20 minutes or so. Interestingly despite the UK’s reputation for weather – even in April – rain did not stop play. There was just one day where I didn’t get a “lunchtime walk” in owing to meeting schedules but the process has lead to me being more concious about being active in general and what I eat.

What are the numbers?

From the 8th to 30th April:

Distance: 28.6 miles

Calories: 2900

Not huge numbers if you’re a gym bunny, but I’m pleased with the above. Not is it easily incorporated into my life,  it didn’t eat into my day like a pre/post work workout would, but I walked 28.6 miles that I otherwise wouldn’t have, explored Harpenden more than I knew before and topped up my vitamin D in the sun!

What’s next?

I intend to keep the walks up and incorporate them into Challenge 2…

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