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30 Day Challenge 1 – The Lunchtime Walk

Like most SEO people, I cast my eyes over Matt Cutts’ blog. However it’s not his glossing over of hot SEO subjects that interest me, but his 30 day challenges. Various forms of digital¬†abstinence¬†to playing the ukulele and running marathons have all fallen under Matt’s challenge-filled eyes.

I’ve got a few ideas of what I’d like to really put a focus on for 30 day periods, but I’m going to start off small.

30 Day Challenge 1 – The Lunchtime Walk

With just 30 precious minutes for lunch on a week day I, like most, spend those precious few minutes catching up on what the world has been up to online whilst inhaling some food.

Now that we’re in April and the weather is brightening up, I’m going to ditch the screen for the streets and see what’s going on outside.

I’ll post a review of how the challenge went at the end of the month.

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