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Tim WrightSince starting out on the web in 1996, armed with a 28.8K dialup, Notepad and a few megabytes of webspace, I’ve benefitted from the unique experience of progressing through web design, development, with a side-serving of photography, video work and server admin into online marketing and e-commerce. This provides me with a well-rounded understanding of what works, how it works and how best to communicate it.

Over the past 13 years as a professional, I have worked on many wide-ranging projects – in-house, agency-side and freelance, from local businesses through to international blue chip organisations. I take great pride in achieving growth in unique targeted traffic leading to increased conversion and profits through the following elements:

  • Solid site architecture
  • Usable design
  • Clean coding
  • Well written content
  • Targeted traffic

Whether you’re looking to improve the website that you or your company already has or you’re at the initial stages of deciding whether a website will make a tangible difference to your business, I can help you.

Outside of work I’m often found noodling on a guitar, hanging out with my wife, fiddling with websites or waiting for the right light to take a photo.

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