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Tamiya Lunch Box Kit Review

A few weeks ago I saw a post on a forum or two about a great deal on a Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin. If this means little to you allow me to explain… My brother, a few of his friends and I ran radio controlled cars in the 80s, and I would read, read and re-read the Tamiya catalogue cover to cover.

Unfortunately I missed the deal but it re-ignited the flame and I had to get my hands on Tamiya’s bright yellow Lunch Box which was re-released a few years ago, following its original 1987 launch. I was most excited about building the thing so RTR was out of the window, besides I had radio gear, servos, batteries and charger in the loft.

A quick ring around local shops found the Tamiya R/C Lunch Box Model Kit – 58347 – to be rather elusive, but I eventually had one tracked down in Chigwell. A Saturday night in front of The Voice and a few episodes of 24 later I had the rolling chassis but needed a trip to the loft and of course the Lunchbox yellow paint – Tamiya TS-16.

As I waited for the paint to arrive I started to read around a bit more and my how things had changed…

27 and 40 MHz transmitters now operated on a crystal-free 2.4GHz frequency and batteries had gone from NiCd > NiMh and beyond (but that’s another story). I was sold, rationalising the purchase of new radio gear as being able to resurrect my old Cat 2000 EC and RC10T2 by investing just £6 each for a new receiver. For just £35 to my door I had a FlySky FS-GT3B setup with a thwacking great LCD display, 10 model memory and hackable to 8 channels. I reasoned that my 17+ year old NiCds wouldn’t be much cop having sat discharged all of this time and jumped on a 4000mAh battery to get me 30 mins of run time.


Bitcoin & Ecommerce

OK, so that’s a fantastic explanation of how Bitcoin works, but what of the practical application in ecommerce?

A number of ecommerce sites are rolling out Bitcoin as a payment option. Ignoring the validity of Bitcoin as a widely usable currency at this time, there are appealing benefits. From a retailer’s perspective, Bitcoin’s lower transaction fees (1-2%) and protection against any type of reversal or chargeback makes it attractive. BTC payment clears instantly unlike PayPal, a benefit for both business and customer. Bitcoin also opens up business to customers in countries unsupported by PayPal and other credit issuers.

Ultimately the showstopper for many retailers could lie in the prevention of fraud. Bitcoin transactions are designed to be anonymous and untraceable which would leave merchants exposed.

For now it seems Bitcoin will be the preserve of the technically savvy until it proves itself as a regulated, secure and stable currency.

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