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OK, so that’s a fantastic explanation of how Bitcoin works, but what of the practical application in ecommerce?

A number of ecommerce sites are rolling out Bitcoin as a payment option. Ignoring the validity of Bitcoin as a widely usable currency at this time, there are appealing benefits. From a retailer’s perspective, Bitcoin’s lower transaction fees (1-2%) and protection against any type of reversal or chargeback makes it attractive. BTC payment clears instantly unlike PayPal, a benefit for both business and customer. Bitcoin also opens up business to customers in countries unsupported by PayPal and other credit issuers.

Ultimately the showstopper for many retailers could lie in the prevention of fraud. Bitcoin transactions are designed to be anonymous and untraceable which would leave merchants exposed.

For now it seems Bitcoin will be the preserve of the technically savvy until it proves itself as a regulated, secure and stable currency.

Hunter S. Thompson Typed ‘The Great Gatsby’

He did this to to know what it felt like to write a masterpiece.

I love this fact. It sounds crazy on the face of it, but if learning a musical instrument you’d be considered mad to have only ever played your own music. Not only does playing the work of others open up technique – whether it is phrasing or hand positions but also helps to teach the feeling that you need to put across in your playing to recreate what you hear.

To truly feel someone else’s words beneath your finger tips must surely be something to look at if writing creatively and writing well means something to you.

The Lunchtime Walk Challenge Update

So far I’ve squeezed in a lunchtime walk every day (early days…). Together with a wander around my hometown with Hertford Museum’s Hidden Hertford Walk on Sunday, I have tracked 11.4 miles for the first week in RunKeeper,  and spent 1207 calories.

To make things more interesting I am also logging all food and drink in MyFitnessPal and tallying my exercise across as the two apps don’t yet talk to each other.

RunKeeper Lunchtime Challenge

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